Thursday, September 16, 2004

Dan the Gnostic

Headline"Fake but accurate." Thus declares the mainstream press about the forged National Guard memos promulgated by Dan Rather and Friends at CBS. What could better typify the postmodern Gnosticism of the Left in today's culture? In essence, this proclamation says it all: we liberals have a higher knowledge than those who are unenlightened, and if the basis of our convictions is proven false, fabricated, or unreliable, it does not invalidate their intrinsic truth and value. So Dan Rather challenges the President to "answer the questions!" - even when the basis of the questions raised is demonstrably false.

No amount of reason or evidence will ever convince those of this mindset to change their worldview. I cannot say whether or not Dan Rather and CBS News will go down in flames, but you can be certain that should this happen - say, Rather gets fired, CBS's ratings tank, or Viacom's stock goes through the basement - that they will never admit it happened because of lack of integrity, dishonesty, or being blindsided by ideology. Instead, fully expect to hear much gnashing of teeth about the viciousness of the political process, the right-wing hate machine, the evils of the out-of-control internet, and the stupidity of the American people for not understanding the truth.

Count on it.